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About EFE-Services

Commonly known as EFE or EFE-Services.


Located and operated out of Northeast Ohio, we support these area's and the surrounding states and are licensed in Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, Virginia, and Maryland.


EFE-Services is an HVAC/Refrigeration company founded by Sherri Lutes in Massillon, Ohio.  EFE-Services is here to assist businesses, large and small, achieve a positive long term cost saving program.

When you choose EFE-Services as your facility contractor, you join forces with a contractor that is an industry leader. With our history in the market place and our professional commitment to excellence, EFE-Services has established a proven record of top-notch customer service in providing innovative, efficient and cost-effective technology to our customers.

EFE-Services goal is to become your one stop shop for equipment provider and to show the value in maintaining existing equipment and infrastructure. 

EFE-Services believes that if you have a passion for something you must “lead by example”. Making a difference starts with one person at a time and EFE-Services is committed to this philosophy.



OH 20173        WV 046596        KY HM04644        VA 2710059728        MD 97165        PGH HV01869

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